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One stop business solutions for the first time in India!

Elite Biz Associates Pvt. Ltd. (EBA) is a group of business professionals with proven track record in Promotions, Event Management and Strategies.Our team constitutes business experts from India and United Kingdom. We bring to you insights from a developed economy and the best business practices carefully customized for your business in Indian market. We offer our services to you at each life cycle stage of your business. We cover almost all business sectors. All you need is to get in touch with us, and we will help you stand firm against the fierce competition.

EBA is a commitment driven organization. We guarantee Quality, Speed, Dependability, Flexibility and Cost effectiveness of our services. Customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to promote entrepreneurship in India and beyond with our unique concept of 'one stop business solutions'. Our vision is to change the way business is done in India. Our vision is to become India's top business support services organization through a network of branches across the country.
According to the World Bank ranking for ease of doing business (2013), India ranks at 132 among 185 countries. For starting a business India ranks at 173. We envisage to change that. We aim to establish a brand image based on quality, speed and dependability of services.

The Business Idea

The idea is about pioneering a Business support services company in Indian market, which provides 'one stop business solutions' to Entrepreneurs and SMEs in almost all kinds of business sectors. Services offered are generic as well as specialized for different business activities. After extensive market research and having interviewed SME owners in India, it has been confirmed that entrepreneurs and SMEs need a one stop solution for various business needs e.g. accounting, taxes, advertising, marketing, recruitments, business strategies, planning etc.
The idea is to provide one stop solution which will save businesses time and hassle involved in coordinating with different agencies for different business needs.

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